Sing the Movement

Sing Out, March On

by Joshuah Campbell

Well I marched through the storm, and I marched through the rain.
And I marched through some sickness and some heartache and pain.
And I laid on the ground, and I looked up at the sky,
and I prayed to Lord up above and asked why.

But oh no, I'm not tired, I'm not through marching yet,
and I'ma march until I die, oh children: this you can bet.

I'm gonna sing out, I'm gonna march on.

Oh, well my grandaddy marched, and my grandmomma too.
And I never thought it'd be something that I'd have to do.
But I'll march if I must. I'm on a mission, you see.
And I'll be damned if my children have to march for me.

Now, I believe in the power of raising my voice.
And I believe in the power of making some noise.
If I die I can't sing, and if I can't sing I'll die.
So we can sing for one another now let's give it a try.

I'm gonna sing out, I'm gonna march on.

performance by Joshuah Campbell at Harvard commencement

performance by Joshuah Campbell